Vita lemontea brand audit

Founder[ edit ] Vitasoy was founded by Dr. Lo Kwee-seong — [5] on 9 March in Hong Kong with door-to-door delivery of soy milk, selected as a product because many Chinese people are lactose intolerant. It re-emerged after the war ended.

Vita lemontea brand audit

Vitasoy aims to maintain the leadership in promoting a superior quality of life through the production of high quality, great tasting and nutritious products that will satisfy customers in all markets. Now a listed company Vita is a brand under the Vitasoy Group.

The secondary target customers also those younger primary school students range from and those working adults from These target customers may not buy the Vita Lemon Tea drinks themselves regularly but may have chance to enjoy the drinks when their family members did. Income The Vita Vita lemontea brand audit Tea products suit for different income groups, from lower to upper class as the price of it is affordable to most customers since it costs only few coins for one.

Occupation Most of the customers are those schoolmates and the young working adults who mainly consume the lemon tea during lunch or sport activities. Geographic Wide spread sales network as Vita Lemon Tea is available in various packaging formats at different places, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, vending machines, etc.

This make it convenient for anybody to enjoy the fabulous sensation whether on the go, together with friends…anywhere, anytime! Behavioural Product Consumption Rate Consumption is mostly daily, depending on each individual drinking habits and the occasions. Marketing Programs As a local brand with long history, Vita produces different types of marketing programs such as television commercial, one-to-one marketing and outdoor advertising.

Together with the animation of Vita Lemon Tea, receiver is able to memorize the song and Vita lemon tea easily. Television advertising is able to reach a mass public audience quickly. Most of the television watchers can get a chance to receive the message from Vita lemon tea commercial.

This is how an effective and powerful way of TV commercials distributes widely to the public.

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One-to-one Marketing By using technologies such as the Internet, Vita target individual consumers with individual marketing messages directly. When visitor browses the Vita lemon tea website, he or she gain the latest information of Vita and create a strong customer relationship with Vita.

In the Vita lemon tea Facebook fans page, personal interaction between Vita and individual can communicate each other. Each individual can express its feeling and opinion by posting message to the Facebook fans page.

Facebook is a powerful communication tool and platform for Vita to conduct one-to-one marketing strategy. Outdoor Advertising Vita held lots of event such as competition campaign, sales promotion event in the outdoor area and shopping mall.

Branding of Vita Lemon Tea Vita lemon tea emphasizes in its own branding and maintains a positive and energetic image to the public. Vita lemon tea is a unique lemon flavor blended with red tea. Brand awareness and Brand image. Launched sinceit enjoys long-standing support of Hong Kong people, and has secured market leadership throughout these years.

Unique lemon flavour blended with red tea gives people a memorable drinking sensation. Vitasoy always awarded by the organizations, Such as inVitasoy is presented with 3 Awards: In the advertisements, MC Jin and other celebrities rap and emphasis the uniqueness of VLT — the proportion of red tea and lemon of Vita lemon tea are perfect, the bitter taste of the tea will stay in your mouth after you taste it.

In other words, the taste of Vita Lemon Tea is good, special and unique. What Vita wants to create is the special, unique brand image in consumers mind. This arouses a feeling that people who choose Vita lemon tea are also special and unique.

Vita lemontea brand audit

People also feel that they are special from others who do not choose Vita Lemon Tea. It implies competitors may not be able to replace its special and unique tea taste.

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This persuades consumers think Vita lemon tea is the best. Advertisements carry the same campaign are also apply in print advertisement, bill board, website, online banner, and social media such as Facebook.

Through this marketing campaign and the brand image strategy, Vita Lemon Tea successfully builds a strong and memorable identity to get consumers attention and build emotional bond towards the brand.Vitasoy Vita Drink Lemon Tea, oz (Pack of 24) by Vitasoy.

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Organic Calming Vata Herbal Tea |16 Tea Bags. by Maharishi Ayurveda. $ $ 5 Some of them (such as fruit juice, milk, tea, soft drinks, water, and tofu) were given the derivative brand name "Vita".

Vitaland Services Limited In , Vitasoy launched a series of juice drinks, and subsequently launched lemon tea, chrysanthemum tea and other drinks in and In BBDO Hong Kong has helped Vitasoy International Holdings Limited launch a brand campaign for its Vita Lemon Tea (VLT), which will run across TV, print and digital, leveraging creative technology.

If you're forcing yourself to down green tea and apple cider vinegar to lose those excess pounds, rejoice! While many people believe that apple cider vinegar and green tea may help you lose weight, the evidence that shows taking them alone, or together, actually does anything for your physique is alphabetnyc.comd: Jun 17, Personalized health review for Vita Lemon Tea Drink: calories, nutrition grade (C minus), problematic ingredients, and more.

Vita lemontea brand audit

Learn the good & bad for ,+ products. Alternatives. All marks, brands and names belong to the respective companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify the companies and products. /5(7). CONCLUSION Brand Management – Brand Audit Report (Vita Lemon Tea) Page 11 _____ Vita Lemon Tea is established in which has over 30 years of history, the brand of Vita has already deeply developed into Hong Kong customers mind.

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