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Green Reverse Virtual logistics Brings Many Happy Returns January 01, By Amy Roach Partridge Companies that combine the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra with the supply chain wisdom of managing costs and stamping out inefficiencies are developing Virtual logistics supply chains that help the Earth, the customer, and the bottom line.

More to the Story: An Inside Look at Refurbishing The path to a greener supply chain is often paved with forward-looking ideas focused on environmentally friendly manufacturing, transportation, and distribution processes.

For some companies, however, the key to jump-starting supply chain sustainability can be found in reverse. By embracing reverse logistics strategies including returns management; product repair and refurbishment; recycling of goods and materials; and proper disposal of materials from unwanted goods, companies can move the sustainability needle while also cutting costs and reaping products with a longer shelf life.

And, by working to cut out inefficient returns processes that result in unnecessary transportation moves, reverse logistics proponents can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Infor example, onlytons, or 18 percent, of the 2.

The remaining 82 percent, or 1. In addition, because repairing and refurbishing products helps extend the life of their goods, companies embracing the reverse logistics cycle can wait longer to produce new products—as well as the carbon emissions that come from manufacturing those goods.

Indeed, 84 percent of shoppers responding to a CapGemini survey list sustainable manufacturing features as an important aspect when making buying decisions.

Virtual logistics

As a result, companies that can tout their green supply chain practices are rewarded with both fiscal efficiency and a public relations boost. At its core, reverse logistics must help companies efficiently handle returns and damaged or obsolete goods with an eye toward minimizing costs.

Companies have championed recycling, repair, and remanufacturing operations because they realize concrete bottom-line benefits from these activities. Thanks to ever-changing technology, top sellers such as digital cameras, cell phones, video game systems, computers, televisions, and other electronic devices become obsolete in a few short years—leaving electronics manufacturers to deal with mountains of unwanted product.

For electronics manufacturers, recycling unwanted components is one key aspect of green reverse logistics. InSamsung, a global leader in the electronics industry, began its Recycling Direct program—partnering with take-back and recycling companies that do not incinerate, send materials to solid waste landfills, or export toxic waste to developing countries—and has since recycled 14 million pounds of waste from its consumer goods and IT products.

The company has established drop-off locations across all 50 states in more than fixed locations, where consumers can take unwanted electronics both Samsung and non-Samsung brands.

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Courier Services And as more and more of the nationwide workforce is moving away further and further away from traditional ways of operating, virtual logistics teams have really been a trending topic, especially over the last few years. It has had a lot of time to develop and go from being merely an idea to being something that companies have already been putting into action.
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The company has also teamed up with the U. Using a pre-paid Smart Label, customers can return old printer cartridges to Samsung by simply dropping them in any mailbox. Steel also credits the S. Postal Service, Samsung can conduct its recycling operations with minimal use of additional energy or materials consumption," Steel explains.

This approach to recycling returns yields convenience, as well as reduced time, energy, and resources for both Samsung and consumers. The higher price points of new technology items such as LCD and plasma screens has led to a rebirth of remanufacturing, with electronics manufacturers finding ways to put products back in the marketplace to generate additional revenue.

This line of thought is fairly new for electronics companies—and consumers. Used and refurbished products now sit on store shelves next to new goods as a perfectly acceptable option. It is OK now to buy refurbished electronics; in fact, it has even become a selling point in some cases, because refurbished products are seen as being greener," ATCLE's Morris notes.Powered by DHL Trend Research OMNI-CHANNEL LOGISTICS A DHL perspective on implications and use cases for the logistics industry Virtual Logistics Teams Are On The Rise.

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Virtual logistics

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