Ups and downs valuing cyclical and

Do we have to play these games?

Ups and downs valuing cyclical and

Ching [essence], Qi [vitality]. Keep to nonbeing, yet hold on to being. And perfection is yours in an instant. When the distant winds blend together, In one hundred days of spiritual work And morning recitation to the Shang Ti, Then in one year you will soar as an immortal.

The sages awaken through self-cultivation; Deep, profound, their practices require great effort.


Fulfilling vows illumines the Heavens. Departing from the Mysterious, entering the Female, It appears to have perished, yet appears to exist.

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Unmovable, its origin is mysterious. Each person has Ching. Before you have attained this true nature, These terms appear to be fanciful exaggerations. The Shen is capable of entering stone; The Shen is capable of physical flight. Entering water it is not drowned; Entering fire it is not burned.

The Shen depends on life form; The Ching depends on sufficient Qi. If these are neither depleted nor injured The result will be youthfulness and longevity. These three distinctions have one principle, Yet so subtle it cannot be heard.

Ups and downs valuing cyclical and

Their meeting results in existence, Their parting results in nonexistence. The seven apertures interpenetrate And each emits wisdom light.

The sacred sun and sacred moon Illuminate the Golden Court. One attainment is eternal attainment. The body will naturally become weightless. When the supreme harmony is replete, The bone fragments become like winter jade. Acquiring the Elixir results in immortality; Not acquiring it results in extinction.


The Elixir is within yourself, It is not white and not green. Recite and hold ten thousand times.Valuing Cyclical Stocks Assigning Intrinsic Value to Businesses with Unsteady Earnings. The company's most recent annual report reveals earnings were down more than %.

This was the first full year after the economy began to correct itself, and like all cyclicals, General Motors was one of the first enterprises to feel the impact. Uncertainty and volatility are endemic to valuation, but cyclical and commodity companies have volatility thrust upon them by external factors – the ups and downs .

Ups and Downs: Valuing Cyclical and Commodity Companies Abstract Cyclical and commodity companies share a common feature, insofar as their value is often more dependent on the movement of a macro variable (the commodity price or the growth in .

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Click here to read Part 1. 7. Competition and Consolidation. Although the Indian cement industry has some multinational cement giants, like Holcim and Lafarge, which have interests such as ACC and Ambuja Cement, the Indian cement industry is broadly home-grown. Preliminary versions of economic research.

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