Topics to write about in spanish class

You can really show what you know in Spanish or what you don't know in writing as opposed to speaking. You can get away with lots in conversation using gestures. But you really have to express yourself on paper and be able to manipulate the language when you write.

Topics to write about in spanish class

You can get away with lots in conversation using gestures. But you really have to express yourself on paper and be able to manipulate the language when you write. These skills are applied in the writing assignments. Part of the course helps students develop ways of getting helpful advice from others through peer groups.

Diario topics are determined by the students and can be about any subject -- reactions to current events or class reading, personal experiences, or ideas for compositions. Students are asked to write quickly in the language without stopping to make corrections.

Journals are collected periodically, usually every other week, and are not graded. The instructor reads each entry and writes comments, reactions, or poses questions about the entry.

Students often answer her questions or respond to her comments in another journal entry. The use of journals in a foreign language class serves a variety of important learning and writing goals.

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Freewriting in the language helps students develop writing fluency. Freed from the constriction of using correct grammar, students overcome their fears of the language and can take risks with the language.

They are more willing to experiment with vocabulary and grammar. I chose to write daily, which greatly improved my Spanish writing abilities because it forced me to think in Spanish. Sometimes the order of the words is reversed in Spanish. It makes it easier to think and write in Spanish.

The opportunity to select their own topics allows them to write more meaningfully, and in doing so, put more effort into applying their grammatical and vocabulary skills. The journals also become an informal meeting place between instructor and student where ideas are exchanged freely; rapport is established.

According to a student, the journals are "almost like a dialogue we have with one another. Writing topics emerge from the weekly reading assignments. Students may select the topics suggested in the textbook or may write on a related topic. In each composition, students must apply the vocabulary and grammar highlighted in the reading and accompanying drills at the end of the selection.

However, the grammar and vocabulary are more often determined by the topics and contexts students choose to write about. For example, a particular type of narrative is better expressed in the subjunctive or an expository piece should use the imperfect tense.

topics to write about in spanish class

Students may also write in the present tense. We could also give our own opinions on the chapter readings. I learned how to use certain expressions, when to conjugate verbs, and to be able to write creatively in Spanish. Writing is not a one-time shot. She gives us the chance to see our mistakes, to understand why we made them, and make is the corrections.

So if my paper is covered with comments or indications for correction, then it makes me feel good that I know what to do to make the paper better. After the readings and peer feedback, students submit the drafts to the instructor for her reading and written feedback.

The drafts are returned to students with written comments and indications for grammar correction. The "tabla para corregir las composiciones," a table of correction symbols, is given to students at the beginning of the semester to facilitate correction.

The instructor also addresses other writing problems such as organization or support.

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The drafts and final typed versions are due on Thursday of the following week. After the final copies have been commented upon and graded, the instructor returns the final copies attached with the composition evaluation criteria.

At the beginning of the semester, students are also given a writing rubric which explains the criteria for composition evaluation.5 Writing Projects for Spanish Class to Get Students’ Brain Juice Flowing. 5 Writing Projects for Spanish Class to Get Students’ Brain Juice Flowing 1.

Hold A Class-wide Spanish Party. they can take turns presenting what they learned about the culture they studied in front of the class. 2. Write Spanish Blogs. I have one.

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Good Conversation Topics for Spanish Class By Dylan Kennedy. Spanish educators should look for basic and more challenging conversation topics. Educators are always on the search for ways to stimulate learning and interaction in foreign language classes.

Immersion experiences are ideal for Americans attempting to speak Spanish, but in the. Mar 16,  · We're starting an essay for my Spanish class tomorrow, and so far the only topics I can think of are Spanish Literature, Art/Culture, or Mexican-American Resolved.

Try these 25 Spanish writing prompts that tutor Joan B recommends To improve your Spanish, it’s important to apply the concepts you’re learning directly in practice. Writing is an especially helpful way to do this, since you can develop and practice specific grammatical structures, and then ask for feedback from a native speaker, your.

If you have movie buffs in class, encourage them to write movie reviews in Spanish. You get the point. To get your students to practice your most recent lessons, ask them to utilize each new verb tense or grammar point in at least one or two sentences in their weekly posts.

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