Thesis theme for blogger

Hi Hesham, Thank you for your honest review of Thesis. I have been contemplating Thesis for a while. I currently use Canvas from Woothemes but I like some other features that Thesis offers and I thought that perhaps I should change.

Thesis theme for blogger

None of the themes on ThemeForest or other theme sites can compare. Believe it or not your theme has a huge effect on your SEO rankings. There are a lot of reviews out there that can make it confusing for beginner bloggers.

Which theme am I using for this blog? They both give me exactly what I pay for which is good performance. The reason I chose this theme for this blog is because I love their action box. Not only does it look good and it can attract readers to a particular page, but the Effectus theme is great for email signups, images, and videos if I choose to add them in the future.

Which WordPress theme makes your blog faster? Out of Thesis and Genesis the faster framework is going to be Thesis.

Thesis 0 Theme Review

In no way am I saying that Genesis themes are slow because that would be ridiculous. Genesis is very fast. What I am saying though is that Thesis is slightly faster than Genesis. How do I know you ask? Is it really a big deal? While there are some top bloggers who are using Thesis.

Thesis used to be at the top of the theme chain, but not anymore. Now Genesis has the crown. You have to understand that when the top guys switch from one theme to another, guess what their readers are going to do? There are a number of reasons why people left Thesis for Genesis.

The launch of Thesis 2. People would rather have an easy set up especially if you have a lot of blogs, which is what you get with Genesis. Chris Pearson did not make a good impression on many people in the blogging community.

There was a huge controversy with Thesis and the Yoast Plugin. It really did cost him sales. After the huge controversy in sales started to plummet. Pricing If you want one of the best themes and you are trying to save money then go with Genesis.

You must remember that you have to buy the framework first. This is good for people with multiple blogs. With Thesis there is not a wide choice of themes like with Genesis and you have to pay for upgrades. Difficulty One of the reasons why I will continue to use Genesis for some of my blogs is because of the simplicity.

Thesis theme for blogger

If you want to blog for a living it will be wise to have more than one blog. With Genesis all you have to do is install a child theme and you are good to go. I will admit that Thesis does scare a lot of people off. Depending on what you are trying to do you might have to hire a developer to help you with your design.

This is the top reason that I recommend Genesis for beginners. Plugins G — The great thing about Genesis is that there are many plugins that are made specifically for the Genesis Framework. You can check for yourself.

All you have to do is go to your plugins search bar and type in Genesis. T- While most plugins work for Thesis, I will admit that Thesis does not have as much plugins that are specifically made for it like Genesis does.

The reason for this is that the demand for Genesis is higher. Support T — At first Thesis 2. By far the best way to get support for a Thesis theme has to be the Thesis Forum.Building unique frame designs for your rows with Divi can be a useful (and fun) way to creatively stage your page content.

By combining Divi’s section dividers with a compact row structure, you can explore countless design possibilities for framing your content. Then Thesis is your Premium WordPress Theme of choice.

Thesis theme for blogger

If you decide to get Thesis for yourself, I’d appreciate you clicking the link below to support and . We provide High Quality Blogger Themes,Blogger Widgets,Tools and Customization Services.

Hi Ammar, This is the first time i am using thesis theme and i want to make my site responsive. I read your post and i am using thesis version and when i am installing the child theme given above the theme is showing is .

@Ganesh – Be sure to check out the new features in the release. I posted about it on my Thesis Theme blog here. Thesis Theme Revealed.

There are so many new options that I’m having to do a series of blog posts to cover them all. Today we are proud to release our first Free Premium Blogger Template “iThesis”. This is our th post so we are Releasing iThesis Theme For Blogger.

This is simple, clean, seo optimized. iThesis Blogger Template have 2 columns, where you can place many widgets and Ads.

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