The odes project

Power and suspension make quick work of water bars. Its trick black alloy wheels give it a great view of the large brake rotors and red-painted calipers like on a high-performance street rod, and the faux carbon fiber plastic wrap screams performance. We applaud ODES for not only being proud to be an American company, but for standing behind our unique rights as American citizens, like the right to assemble at trailheads and state capitals. ODES UTVs have innovations like a windshield that stows under the plastic roof, automotive-style remote starting and storage bins in the bed rails.

The odes project

Watermelon Apple Chop the fruit into bit-sized pieces. You need three pieces of each kind of fruit for each volunteer. Stick a toothpick in each piece of fruit. Make sure all different types of fruit are cut intopieces of the same size and that there are no pieces of fruit skin or seeds.

Make piles of each type of fruit on each of the three plates. For one plate of fruit, use the cotton swab to dab a drop of peppermint oil on each piece of fruit. Do not let your volunteers see the plates of fruit.

Also, they will need to shut their eyes or be blindfolded throughout the experiment.

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Test each volunteer separately. Start with the fruit with peppermint oil on top. Hand your volunteera piece of fruit. Give her 3 seconds to identify the fruit. If sheidentifiesthe fruit correctly, put a check mark on the data table with her name. After testing everybody with peppermint oil covered fruit, give each volunteer some time to rest, drinka glass of water, and eata couple crackers.

Repeat the experiment, this time asking your volunteers to close theireyes and hold their noses as they taste each fruit.

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Again, give your volunteers a rest before you do the final trial. For the next trial, your volunteers just need to shut their eyes. Repeat the taste test and record the results in each data table.

The odes project

Results Your results will vary depending on the fruits you chose, the peppermint oil, and your volunteers. In general,your volunteers willbe less able to recognize the taste of the fruit when it was masked by peppermint oil or when holding their noses.

Fruits your volunteers eat less often might be harder to recognize. You removed as much skin and seeds as you could so your volunteers would not get clues about the identity of the fruits through texture, and you had them close their eyes so that you could testsmell and taste without includingtouch or sight.

Tomato is a good food to test because they are fruits according to the botanical definition and your volunteers might not expect it.

The purpose of the last trial was a control, to see how well your volunteers could identify the fruits without peppermint or plugging their noses. Your volunteers were likely to have a hard time identifying the fruits when their sense of smell was plugged by their fingers or overwhelmed by the peppermint oil.

A lot of what we consider taste is actually smell. Remember that there are only five types of taste receptors, salty, bitter, sweet, sour and umani. Many of the fruits you offered taste sweet, and perhaps a bit sour, but the main way to tell one fruit from another is smell.

Your sense of smell can differentiate up to different scents! Disclaimer and Safety Precautions Education. In addition, your access to Education.

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ODEs GABRIEL NAGY Michigan State - ODES Asia and SC-Worldwide started the ODES UTV brand in August of , and “” is inscribed on the logo, which is the date Virginia became the deciding state to approve and ratify the constitutional amendments and Bill of Rights.

The Odes Project is the vision of accomplished producer, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, John Schreiner. A bone fide musical prodigy, Schreiner first started playing piano at age three and would go on to win . This project is an advanced native ads example intended to show how publishers might construct a list-based user experience (such as a news feed might have) that incorporates multiple native ad formats.

The project uses a single activity that maintains a ListView and an array of items. Most of these items are mocked listings for real estate.

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