Ieee research papers on nanotechnology

How to Develop Excellent Papers on Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is a revolutionary step in the field of technology.

Ieee research papers on nanotechnology

Ieee research papers on nanotechnology

As CMOS scaling approaches physical limits, continued innovation in materials, manufacturing processes, device structures and design paradigms have been necessary. While CMOS is expected to be the dominant semiconductor technology for the foreseeable future, for reasons that are both technological and financial, alternatives to CMOS technology are attracting attention from the researchers.

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Multi-core processors are now widely used across many application domains spanning from embedded to high performance computing HPC and specific multicore architectures like GPGPU and network processors became dominant in their market segments. Communication among the different heterogeneous cores of the processor and fostered the evolution of several Network on Chip NoC architectures.

Indeed, to be able to exploit the benefits of these powerful architectures innovative resource management policies are necessary, solutions able to take into account not only the classical aspects of power and performance, but also reliability, which—for the above-mentioned reasons, has become a key issue not only in critical application environments.

More precisely, testing and managing reliability, availability and serviceability RAS are the challenges that have become crucial for the success of nanoelectronic circuits and systems.

The relevance of this topic and the timeliness of this joint Special Section have elicited great response from the research community. This special section attracted 60 papers, involving reviews by more than expert reviewers with careful attention to avoid any conflict of interest.

Consequently, this special section, the result of a large collective effort, is one that we are happy to introduce. The review process resulted in selection of three papers focused on the nanotechnology that are being published in the Transactions on Nanotechnology.

The joint special section of the Transactions on Computers includes 10 additional papers, focused on architectural and system-level aspects of the design of reliable systems, working at different levels of abstraction.

Some of the papers in this special section also have companion abstract videos prepared by the authors of the papers. Interested readers can link to the videos through the TC portal page at http: Two approaches to mitigate these effects are presented, the former to mitigate the capacitive effect, the latter for the inductive one.

The authors propose an approach to testing that takes into account the power budget, minimizing the delays in the workload execution to schedule software based self-test routines. Testing is central to another paper of the special section: Memory is also the focus of the work presented in the next two papers.

The special section is closed by a work that takes into account the specific architecture of Graphics Processing Units GPUs: The guest editors would like to thank the reviewers for the quality and timeliness of their reviews. The reviewers have helped to raise the quality of the final submissions of this issue through their quality feedback.

They thank the authors for their patience, diligence and dedication at all stages of the review process. Fabrizio Lombardi, for making this joint Special Section possible. Her research interests cover the areas of design and analysis of digital system with a specific focus on dependability, reconfigurable systems and context-aware data design and management.

She has authored more than papers in these areas and serves on the Technical Program committees of several conferences focused on reliable systems. He has published more than papers and holds 12 patents and has given more than a dozen tutorials at conferences.About the Conference. International Conference on Materials Research and Nanotechnology will be held in Rome, Italy, during June , ICMRN is aiming to bring together innovative academicians and industrial experts in the field of materials science and Nanotechnology to .

Research Areas Carbon Nanoelectronics and Beyond Applications of carbon nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, graphene nanoribbons etc) and other low-dimensional materials (transition-metal dichalcogenides, etc.) in electronics, energy harvesting and storage, astronautics, bio/medicine -- modeling, design, and nanofabrication.

– After 20 years of basic research on monolayer silicon (silicene), we demonstrated for the first time experimental silicene devices in a Nature Nanotechnology paper. This breakthrough article has re-inspired the field for next generation quantum nanoelectronics and widely covered by more than 50 media outlets including Time magazine.

Has China Surpassed the US in Nanotech?

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While the number of research papers and amount of government funding are challenging the US, it's unclear whether this will translate into greater economic.

The IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology is devoted to the publication of manuscripts of archival value in the general area of nanotechnology, which is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing and most promising new technological developments for the next generation and beyond.

nanotechnology education and research has significant implications are in consumer goods, including foods and beverages, packaging materials, sensors for displaying food quality and freshness, textiles (stain proof, water proof, wrinkle free), household and cosmetics, and scratch.

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