Handwriting analysis expert south africa

A comprehensive guide to handwriting analysis Language: Anna Koren is a world-famous graphology expert. Certified as an expert in comparing documents and verification of authenticity, Anna Koren composed 4 graphology books and wrote dozens of articles about different themes in graphology and handwriting analysis. Anna Koren has made numerous radio and TV appearances and lectured for the Graphology Associations of New York, Chicago, South Africa, Oxford, London and Cambridge, as well as lecturing about graphology in courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences of different institutes all over the world.

Handwriting analysis expert south africa

I can help you find the answer to your question. You need to find out the truth as soon as you can because we never know how far someone will go with a crime once they have started.


Some of the situations I deal with regularly include forged checks, forged or altered wills, deeds, anonymous writing, legal contracts, medical records and other documents.

Please take a moment to call me to discuss your case because I will give a quick, honest, professional opinion about your situation, and direct your next recommended step.

I can usually provide you with a verbal opinion within 48 hours. Because I work regularly with other document examiners, another document examiner can examine your documents at your request and possibly provide you with a second opinion at a reduced rate.

handwriting analysis expert south africa

Most cases are settled out of court because of a document examiner's official "Letter of Opinion". If your case does go to court I can be your expert witness. My fees are among the lowest in the industry; always fairly billed, no surprises. Because you are probably worried or just plain mad about your situation, call me now.

I'm sure you have already spent a lot of time and energy wondering what to do, so let's get to work!Pretoria Hand Writing Experts and Analysis.

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Find experts hand-writing analysis in Pretoria. Graphology for employee screening & character assessments, and forensic graphology in Pretoria. Rotatrim paper submission sample letter technical writer chordsliterary analysis of peer-reviewed, south africa industry real estate.

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Introduction. Saraband Solutions is a leader in the field of investigations, crisis response consulting and due diligence inquiries and has a well-established global footprint..


Based in Pretoria in South Africa, Saraband provides tailor made, turnkey investigative, crisis response and due diligence solutions to a broad spectrum of industry role-players both local and globally.

A handwriting expert has told the Magistrate’s Court that the disputed signatures signed on documents filed at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) in connection with Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited belonged to Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s signature.

Whether you are working in the USA or South Africa, dying without a will brings out all the forgers in the family. D.C. Appeals Court Upholds Use of Handwriting Analysis as Legal Evidence; Handwriting Expert Ethics & Responsibility stolen credit card forging handwriting expert Handwriting experts how to hire India International school.

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