Halimbawa ng bugtong

Ang idyoma po ay mga salita na gingamit sa pagbibigay ng deskripsyon sa isang bagay o tao sa paraang masining at hindi direktang pagpapahayag.

Halimbawa ng bugtong

No comments The story of Malakas at Maganda is the creation myth of the Filipinos. In the beginning, the goddess of the sea, Maguayen, and the god of the sky, Kaptan, had a bitter quarrel.


Kaptan threw rain, thunder and lightning that reached the sea. In his anger, Kaptan threw thousands of boulders at the sea, at Maguayen.

These boulders became the islands that form the Philippines. The rivalry between Maguayen and Kaptan lasted for many many years. Magaul, the god of the air, got tired of their fighting, and took on the form of a huge bird. Magaul flew back and forth from the sky to the sea to mediate in their quarrel.

Finally, Kaptan and Maguayen made peace at the horizon, where the sky and the sea met. Maguayen and Kaptan became very good friends and fell in love. Out of their love came a seed that was planted on an island.

From this seed grew a gigantic bamboo. One day, Magaul was flying over the sea, looking for a place to perch.

Finally, he landed near the bamboo. Magaul heard a voice from inside the bamboo "Oh god of the air, peck on the bamboo and let us out.

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Out of instinct, Magaul pecked and the bamboo split into equal halves. A man emerged from one of the halves, his name was Malakas meaning strongfrom the other half came Maganda meaning beautiful.

In time, their children became numerous and spread across the islands of the Philippines.Bugtong or riddle is a question intentionally phrased and requiresingenuity in determining its answer.

Halimbawa ng bugtong

This can also be a statementthat has a double meaning. The riddle is com monly presented as. Jan 31,  · A culture blog of cathcath.I started this with just the OPM SONGS in mind, thus the title Filipino songs but there are requests for more stuff about the Philippines, particularly the Filipino folk songs,Tagalog Christmas Songs,and other culture and traditions which include bugtong,parabula, salawikain,Jose Rizal and other national heroes,celebrities and personalities.

Bugtong-bugtungan was a favorite pastime of early Filipinos. It’s also part of our folklore, grouped in the same category as the salawikain or proverbs. In the book “The Riddles. Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (Tagalog, literally "The Stories of Grandmother Basyang") is an anthology of short stories written by "Lola Basyang," the nom de plume of Severino Reyes, founder and editor of the Tagalog magazine, alphabetnyc.com original magazine stories have since been adapted as books, in comics, television, film, and published by justeen.

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Halimbawa ng bugtong

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