Groupthink decision making essay

Evaluate this question drawing on the examples and theories given in the lectures. Introduction "There are no decision problems in paradise! Paradise offers a happy, but aimless life.

Groupthink decision making essay

Explanation[ edit ] The term was introduced by management expert Jerry B. Harvey in his article "The Abilene Paradox: The Management of Agreement". The wife says, "Sounds like a great idea. I just hope your mother wants to go. I haven't been to Abilene in a long time.

Groupthink decision making essay

When they arrive at the cafeteria, the food is as bad as the drive. They arrive back home four hours later, exhausted. One of them dishonestly says, "It was a great trip, wasn't it? The husband says, "I wasn't delighted to be doing what we were doing.

I only went to satisfy the rest of you.

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I would have had to be crazy to want to go out in the heat like that. The group sits back, perplexed that they together decided to take a trip which none of them wanted.

They each would have preferred to sit comfortably, but did not admit to it when they still had time to enjoy the afternoon. Ronald Sims writes that the Abilene paradox is similar to groupthink, but differs in significant ways, including that in groupthink individuals are not acting contrary to their conscious wishes and generally feel good about the decisions the group has reached.

Groupthink Among Angry Men

In Sims' view, groupthink is a psychological phenomenon affecting clarity of thought, where in the Abilene paradox thought is unaffected. This action-anxiety arises from what Harvey termed "negative fantasies"—unpleasant visualizations of what the group might say or do if individuals are honest about their opinions—when there is "real risk" of displeasure and negative consequences for not going along.

The individual may experience "separation anxiety", fearing exclusion from the group. For example, Harvey himself cited the Watergate scandal as a potential instance of the Abilene paradox in action. Harvey quotes several people indicted for the cover-up as indicating that they had personal qualms about the decision but feared to voice them.

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For one instance, campaign aide Herbert Porter said that he "was not one to stand up in a meeting and say that this should be stopped", a decision he then attributed to "the fear of the group pressure that would ensue, of not being a team player".This essay explores different theories of decision making and the aim of this essay is to answer the question, what are the different approaches in solving decision problems, and .

Groupthink is a concept that was identified by Irving Janis that refers to faulty decision-making in a group. Groups experiencing groupthink do not consider all alternatives and they desire unanimity at the expense of quality decisions. A: Groupthink is one of the best parts of the teamwork when it comes to decision making there are many ideas from different people in the team.

To decide out of the thought there should be a leader or there should be a good coordination between team members and understand the thoughts and make decisions collectively. A Few Examples of Positive and Negative Groupthink Groupthink is a term coined by Irving Janis in He was a social physiologist who coined the term as a negative feature of people in groups.

Groupthink: Decision Making and Group Essay The term groupthink originated in in Fortune magazine by the author William Whyte. The theory, however, was not researched or clearly defined until around by Irving Janis. Also, in a groupthink at the end, the group have a consensus decision, but in Asch effect probable many people have a decision and only one person have another.

So they do not have only one opinion. To conclude, many people have differents behavior for thinks like everyone and not want to be different.

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