End of the year writing activities for second grade

Kristen Smith I am so excited to be joining with some of my friends over at Freebielicious in our summer book study. It most definitely has helped my students become better readers and writers.

End of the year writing activities for second grade

To view just how One writes a new Chaiku. I then asked my students to create a Chaiku form for another day or to create their own form of poetry, give it a name, and describe its form so others might be able to write it. Their poem could be on any subject; it needn't describe their poetry form as my example does above.

Students created poetry forms, wrote samples, and shared their completed work with others in the class so they could see how well their "directions" could be followed. If others could not follow the directions for writing the new poetry form, students needed to revise their form until others could imitate it.

Technical writing, my students grew to understand, is not an intuitively easy task! My students added their original poetry to their writing books. I asked my students to create their own poetry form because I thought they could use a little something to help them stay focused at the end of the school year, but when finished, I discovered there had been an unexpected benefit!

During the year we had studied poetry forms with rigid structures and others with little structure. We had studied poetry forms in which the syllable count was essential. We studied poetry in which the rhyme schemes were the significant features.

And we had studied line repetition poetry such as villanelles and triolets. Creating one's own poetry form served as a review lesson for my students, helping them assess what features of poetry forms were their favorites and least favorites. Writing their own poetry form helped my students assimilate their previously acquired knowledge.

end of the year writing activities for second grade

When I assigned this project to my students, their first reaction was to say, "I can't do this," but after awhile I saw small smiles start to appear on their faces as they began to create. Here are some of my students' new poetry forms.

Who knows, maybe in twenty or thirty years English teachers will be teaching one of these poetry forms in their classrooms! Rosette by Erin Radigan, 7th grade Rosettes have no rhyme scheme. They start with nine words and go down to one word then go up to nine again.

The two nine-word lines are the same. The poem has seventeen lines in all. It should look like two triangles connected when finished. BLAME I guess there is someone to blame for everything Everything that can sometimes go wrong in life Then you realize there's nobody to blame No one to blame for anything Have you figured it out?

Who is to blame?These activities have been developed by national reading experts for you to use with children, ages birth to Grade 6. The activities are meant to be used in addition to reading with children every day. Explore Rachael Fry's board "2nd Grade - End of the Year" on Pinterest.

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Spelling Grade 1. Spelling Grade 2. Spelling Grade 3. writing prompts, and activities! Most of the worksheets on this page align with the Common Core Standards. To see CCSS labels and attach them to Pop Rocks candy for each of your students.

This makes an awesome end-of-the-year gift! See also: Summer Worksheets. Print summer word. Second Grade Language Extensions – Lesson Overview. Language arts extensions is a component of the complete language arts curriculum.

It contains a variety of chapters made up of several activities, worksheets, quizzes and chapter tests. Activities for ages 3 to 8. These 15 end of the year activities are sure to kick off summer break in alphabetnyc.com roundup of our favorite games, gifts and activities from across the web will make the end of the year extra special for kids.

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