An analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart

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An analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart

The Day of the Lord Joel 1: An Expository Commentary Joel 2: That said, my approach to this chapter is first to read it in the plain, literal sense and if you have not done so, you might do that before you read any further!

And notice that in this section Joel 2: What do we know about the "day of the locusts? Now Joel begins chapter 2 with a "time sensitive" word "NEAR" which in English means "not far distant in time, space, degree, or circumstances.

There are other reasons that lead to this conclusion which I discuss on individual verses e. In John MacArthur's introductions to the books of the Bible, he always has a section subtitled "Interpretative Challenges.

It is preferable to view chap. Here the prophet is projecting something beyond the locust plague of chap. Outline - Following Joel 1: In the first section Joel 1: The land is suffering massive devastation caused by a locust plague and drought. The details of the calamity Joel 1: The second section Joel 2: Employing the contemporary infestation of locusts as a backdrop, the prophet, with an increased level of intensity, paints a vivid and forceful picture of the impending visitation of the Lord Joel 2: In the third section Joel 2: This portion of the book assumes that the repentance solicited Joel 2: The Lord then gives 3 promises to assure the penitents of His presence: There are men who have taken the position that the chapter deals solely with the locust plague; others maintain just as firmly that the passage is entirely future.

Both views are extreme.


As a matter of fact, Joel starts with the situation then existing in the land after the havoc of the locust plague and then goes on to picture the dreadful Day of Jehovah yet future, but imminent. The exact identity of this army e.

An analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart

Crenshaw, for example, contends that chap. This does not mean that the figure of the locust plague has been abandoned entirely in chap. To the contrary, Joel used locust imagery to shape the picture of the invading army.

Looking upon the locust swarm, he saw with prophetic insight not just locusts but a mass of human soldiers bearing down on his city, and he described this future army in locust-like terms.

It would indeed be strange if Joel, prophesying immediately after a locust plague, had described the human army without allowing the locust analogue to influence his language.

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Both are armies of the Lord. This attack is so awful in its scope that it must in some way be connected with the Day of the Lord Joel 2: The locusts are real, not images. At this juncture in the text, commentators have a major choice to make. They can read Joel 2: The approach in the present Commentary is to follow the latter course.

A third option would be to read the entire work as a cluster of figurative descriptions of military incursion; to do so, however, seems to find a fantastic visionary cast in the work for which the author has not given us adequate preparation The whole scene turns military and more than military as its cosmic implications begin to be grasped at Joel 2: Here is more than an army of hungry locusts or the army of another monarch bent on conquest.

Note that the descriptions of the invading army Joel 2:From time to time in our Panelbase polls we like to test Scotland’s opinion of its media, since that’s the main focus of our website, and our newest poll was one such time.

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An analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart

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